Running Forward

Some of my Recent Favorite Foods

on October 24, 2011

I’m the type of person that finds a good thing and sticks with it. But, for the sake of making mealtime more fun and for stretching my creativity I’ve been trying to branch out with some new ingredients. Here are some of the things I’m into lately:

Puffed Millet: I ran out of Cheerios, so I picked these up to replenish my cereal supply. They’re like healthy little sprinkles that only cost $1.99 for the bag at Earthfare. Plus, a cup is only 60 calories.

Bragg’s Liquid Aminos: I discovered this stuff last year, but kept forgetting to bring my bottle back to Athens with me this semester. Luckily, I finally remembered and have been using it to replace soy sauce in my stir fry. It has lower sodium and is a good source of protein, but tastes exactly the same as soy sauce.

Nutritional Yeast: Yes, it looks like fish food, but it tastes oh so good. It’s a great source of protein and is usually used to add a cheesy flavor to vegetarian and vegan dishes. I love copying the Grit’s recipe for the golden bowl and using it in stir fry with Bragg’s.

Frozen Spinach: For some weird reason I’ve been craving spinach a lot lately. Random. So, I picked up a bag of frozen spinach and toss it into pretty much everything. Just throw it into soup, chili, stir fry, or whatever else you can imagine.

Pumpkin Puree: I eat way too much pumpkin. Luckily, it’s super healthy so I’ll stick with my addiction for now. Throw the puree into a blender with half a frozen banana, some ice cubes, a dollop of plain yogurt, and pumpkin pie spices for a delicious pumpkin pie smoothie. I also mix the puree with pumpkin pie spices and top with some cereal for a yummy snack. Hopefully, I won’t turn orange.

Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to try some of these foods and incorporate them into your diet. They’re delicious and nutritious!



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