Running Forward

In the Clear

on October 25, 2011

I haven’t really mentioned it on my blog yet, but my dad had a seizure out of the blue in June, which led to the diagnosis of a brain tumor. He had surgery a few weeks later and now just has to get an MRI every couple of months to make sure it doesn’t grow. Today he and my mom flew to Duke for his second post-op appointment and received great news. No growth! And he doesn’t have to go back until the end of February! Woo! We’re so thankful and are ready to have an amazing holiday season.

Back in Athens: Usually day of class except for anthropology of eating. This week we can bring in food for extra credit on our projects. The first half of the alphabet brought their stuff today. It worked out perfectly since I normally have to pack a lunch to get me through the day. There were a ton of desserts, but I stayed healthy by loading up on quinoa with veggies and a bean salad. I also enjoyed nibbles of fudge and some other homemade sweets. Now I’m excited to bring my dish in on Thursday.

When I returned back to the apartment I went on a spontaneous 2 mile run with a buddy. Surprisingly, my legs felt pretty good. My knee has been killing me since Sunday, but acted pretty well today. I was mainly just stiff. Since I don’t have much else to work on today, so I put together the dough for my cinnamon swirl bread (to bring to class on Thursday). Right now it’s going through its first round of rising. As soon as it comes out of the oven I will take some pics and post the recipe. It’s one of my dad’s favorite things to bake. You’ll understand why when you make it for yourself. Now that I’ve typed way too much, I’m gonna go chill for a bit. Be back later for the recipe!


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