Running Forward

NYC: Day 2

on November 11, 2011

We ate breakfast first thing at the Pearl Street Diner where we both ordered omelets. Then we spent some time exploring the area. We walked up to Pier 17 to enjoy the views, then found the hospital where my dad interned in college. Pretty cool!

Then we made our way further uptown to check out Eataly, Mario Batali’s Italian superstore/restaurants. Seeing all the beautiful, foreign ingredients made me want to cook! We decided to go ahead and walk to Rockefeller Center since it wasn’t too far. On the way there, we stumbled right into the last mile of the NYC marathon.

After some detours, we finally arrived at Rockefeller and explored 30 Rock. The ice rink is so much smaller than what I remember.

Our feet were aching, so we caught the subway back down to our hotel for a little siesta. My uncle was in the city to cheer for my marathon-running cousin, we met him in Chinatown for dinner. We just walked around until we saw Wonton Garden, a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant full of Asians. Not a tourist trap! After trying hard to decode the endless menu, we finally managed to order a delicious meal. I ordered the mushroom & bok choy soup with rice noodles. I’ve been craving these mushrooms ever since. In fact, I’ve already decided to make an H Mart stop on my way home for Thanksgiving break next week.

Afterwards, we walked to Mulberry Street to make another visit to Ferrara. Once again, my cookie-holic dad ordered the cookie sampler. Day 3 recap comes tomorrow! And that means………Food Network!


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