Running Forward

Dragon Fruit & Delicata Squash

on November 13, 2011

One of the things I love best about Chinatown (besides the cheap trinkets) is the abundance of fruit stands set up along the sidewalks. Of course, they sell the usuals (grapes, apples, oranges, etc.) but they also have some foreign goodies mixed in. In Atlanta I search for dragon fruit time after time and always fail. Without hesitation, I pulled out my wallet as soon as I saw the beautiful pink and green fruits on the Chinatown fruit stands.

I patiently waited until we got home on Tuesday to cut it open and reveal its inner workings. The pink outer skin covers up the most beautiful white inside speckled with small black seeds. Take a look:

The lady who sold it to me said it tasted like a kiwi. Unfortunately, I don’t think this dragon fruit was ripe yet because it had no taste at all. Nothing. Kind of disappointing, but I’ll try another one again when I go up there. I also tried fresh lychee for the first time. So freaking good! Tastes like a plum.

More recently, I bought a delicata squash at the store on Friday and cooked it up for tonight’s dinner. I had work from 3-7 and wanted to be ready for my show that comes on at 8, so I pre-roasted the squash before work. I simply cut the top off, then cut it in half (hot dog style) and scraped out the seeds. It roasted for about 40 minutes at 400 degrees. Once I got off work, I put together a hearty tomato and spinach sauce to top it with. I think I have a new favorite type of squash! The texture reminded me of spaghetti squash, but it tasted like a sweet butternut squash. One of the coolest parts was that the outer shell softened up a lot, so I simply ate the whole thing! I already can’t wait to make this again.

One more week of class until Thanksgiving break!


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