Running Forward

NYC Day 4 & a Discovery

on November 15, 2011

Day 4 in New York was pretty short because our flight home took off at 3:30 pm. I arranged a tour of Food Network for 10 am that morning, so my dad and I quickly packed and checked out of the hotel as soon as we woke up. We left our luggage in hotel storage and enjoyed one last diner breakfast. He got an omelet and I enjoyed a delicious bowl of oatmeal. We then hopped on the subway and arrived at Chelsea Market. My dad got to come with me on the tour, which ended up being fantastic! Our tour guide was the man who oversees the entire post production department. He took us through the editing rooms and introduced us to some of the editors. My dad even gave one of them an adjustment. The tour lasted 2 hours, and the test kitchen was definitely my favorite part.

Since the tour lasted longer than expected, we grabbed a quick lunch at The Lobster Place. My dad got some sushi, which he said was some of the best he’s ever eaten. I had a bowl of Manhattan clam chowder. There was so much seafood in it! Delicious!

We quickly arrived back at the hotel, so my dad got the luggage out of storage while I hailed a cab. The rest is history. What a wonderful, productive trip! I can’t wait to return.

Now for my Athens discovery: The path that I take to class everyday leads me behind the Classic Center where a small strip center sits. A new Bikram yoga studio is opening, but the rest of the building looks abandoned. However, there is one business that is only open November through February. It’s the North Georgia Pecan Company. Locals can bring in their pecans and this place will crack them and sell them. I figured I could get a good deal, so I stopped by yesterday on my way home to check it out. They had a lot of already-packaged nuts, but the 5 pound bags of cracked pecans caught my attention. They were run through the machine, but the shells were not separated out yet. 5 pounds was a bit too much for me, so they made me a 2 pound bag and only charged me $6 for it. Because I had to separate the shells out, it served as my Monday afternoon entertainment. In the end, they filled up a large sheet pan and I roasted them for about 10 minutes at 350. I’m stocked up for quite a while now. Go check it out!


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