Running Forward

Manhattan Clam Chowder

on December 11, 2011

I made Manhattan clam chowder last week and have been meaning to post the recipe for a while now. I snapped some pics of it, but they’re on my laptop, which isn’t alive right now. My charger died, so I’m going to exchange it tomorrow. Unfortunately, all my pictures are on that computer, so you’ll have to use your imagination. Let’s begin. Unlike the more familiar New England clam chowder, the Manhattan style is broth based (aka, way more healthier).

one large box chicken broth

two cans diced tomatoes

3 carrots

3 celery ribs

half an onion

two cans minced clams

1 baked potato

2 red potatoes

small can of shoepeg corn

Start by dicing and sauteeing the onion, carrots, and celery with a small pinch of salt and pepper. Once they’re a bit browned, add the diced red potatoes and continue sauteeing until almost tender. Add the chicken broth, tomatoes, clams (including juice), and corn to the pot. Let simmer until vegetables are tender and flavors have melded together. Next, chop up the baked potato and add it to a blender with enough broth to almost cover it. Pulse the blender until the mixture is smooth. Add the potato puree to the soup in order to thicken up the broth and give it more substance. Let it simmer on the stove until you’re ready to serve. I also added various herbs and spices to my soup. It’s delicious and will warm you up on a chilly winter day.

Yesterday I made some desserts for our neighborhood’s Christmas party; eggnog poundcake and chocolate pecan biscotti. I used some already-existing recipes online, so I’ll post those as soon as my laptop can be charged again. Both desserts turned out delicious and were a big hit. Luckily, I get a day off of work tomorrow, so I’ll be able to put together another dinner for the family. Hopefully, I’ll remember to post it in a timely manner this time.


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