Running Forward

Moving Around

on December 20, 2011

I work at a restaurant that’s attached to a pretty well-known toy store. I started out as a hostess and moved on to serving last Christmas break. This past week I finally began working at the dessert bar, which means I get to make delicious sweets all day! Today I spent my time making brownie pops, baking cupcakes, and making ice cream sundaes. Tomorrow’s assignment: making gingerbread houses. As if that wasn’t great enough, my uniform consists of a comfy chef’s coat and a hilarious hat that I call my “hibachi hat”.

Since my restaurant gig is only a college job I’m also trying to gain experience in jobs that actually require my degree. On Monday I made arrangements to meet with the branding team at Turner Classic Movies. I’ve been obsessed with the channel ever since I discovered it in middle school, but had no idea what to expect when visiting. As soon as I pulled up to the gated Turner “campus” I knew it would be a great place. I spent the first part of my visit chatting with a woman from branding about her job and past experience. I always love listening to people tell the story of how they acquired a job they love. Hopefully, I’ll retain the information and get an awesome career too. We met up with one of her coworkers a bit later for lunch and a tour of the studios. I got to see a lot of different sets being used for different shows. Finally, we reached the TCM set where Robert Osbourne does the introductions to all the primetime films. Monday happened to be a filming day, so Robert was there! We visited with the crew during their lunch hour and got to talk with Robert for a bit, who was very friendly. At the end of my visit they sent me off with an armful of TCM goodies. I can’t wait to visit again in the spring.

I got home earlier than I expected, so I quickly got dressed and ran out the door for a yoga class at Atlanta Fitness. I’ve done yoga before, but never at this gym so I didn’t quite know what to expect. The strength moves were tough! I ended up using muscles that haven’t been used since my gymnastics days. I already plan on going again soon. What a perfect Monday!


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