Running Forward

A Christmas to Remember

on December 27, 2011

Normally on Christmas we have around 20 people over at our house for a big dinner, but this year turned out a bit different. We started the morning off late and opened presents at 10:30 in order to let my brother sleep in. Let me just say that this was the first year EVER that my dad was not able to guess all of his gifts. My mom and I were so impressed with ourselves. Once the wrapping paper was cleaned up, we got busy in the kitchen. I really didn’t have too much to make since we only had one family coming over this year. My grandparents made their annual lasagna of course.

I contributed a big chopped salad, some green beans and bok choy, cornbread, and homemade brownies. Let me just say, these brownies were by far the best I’ve ever made.  Chewy, fudgy, and chocolatey. The Addisons arrived around 5:30 and we all sat down to dinner shortly after. We had a blast and I enjoyed having a more intimate Christmas dinner. Everyone was involved in the conversations and we all devoured the delicious food. During dessert our neighbors joined us and we all sat around the Christmas tree and fireplace to share stories. I love when days turn out even better than you could have imagined. So thankful.


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