Running Forward

Clearing the Fog

on February 10, 2012

Getting back into the groove has proven to be extremely difficult for me this semester. I need to wake up and I need to do it now. Just floating through the days isn’t going to cut it. Luckily, I have fun things to look forward to each weekend, so working hard during the week needs to happen. Last night I took the first step toward recovery by finally opening my textbook for Advertising in Society. I completed a chapter. Today I tackled two more chapters. Slowly, but surely I will make it back to reality.

Running: I’m slowly easing myself back into running despite the fact that my knee isn’t better. Luckily gymnastics taught me to ignore the pain (for better or worse). I’m signing up for a 10k next Saturday, so that should be a good boost for me.

Cooking: I cooked up a storm while I was home this past weekend, so I’ve been relying on my usual salads and stir fries this week. Vegetables are always friends.



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