Running Forward

Old and New

on February 18, 2012

After class yesterday I went on a mini shopping spree around Athens. My primary mission was to find a dress for formal (two weeks away!). I lucked out and found one almost right away at Macy’s, and the price was impossible to beat! Who doesn’t love a bargain? I also got a few things at Aldi and found a cheap pair of Loft jeans at Plato’s closet. The night ended with a Footloose viewing at the Pi Phi house. We saw the new movie a few weeks and finally got to enjoy the original last night. Both were good, but we all agreed that the newer version has better character development. Still, both films gave us the urge to dance.

This morning began bright and early with my alarm set for 6:20 am. The last time I used my alarm was during rush last August. I don’t miss it a bit. Why did I get up so early? To run the Taste 10k. I signed up with my running buddy, Christian, who met me at my place so we could walk downtown to the starting line. Not many people registered, so it was easy to find some other Pi Phis in the crowd. In total, we had a group of five, but we all split up once the race started. I felt good throughout the whole race with little knee pain. I finished in just under an hour, which isn’t my best, but is still good for my first 6 mile run since the fall. Once our group found each other again we all enjoyed some free coffee and hoarded bananas. Apparently, living in a sorority house turns us into food hoarders.

After showering and relaxing for a bit I stocked up on some food at the grocery store and filled the car up with gas. This afternoon I went to the UGA gymnastics meet with my best friend and it turned out to be a pink out. Free pink t-shirts and pom-poms for students! UGA won and we hitched a ride home with some other Pi Phis. I swear, I don’t know what I would do without my sorority. I feel like I get closer and closer to the girls each year.

Tomorrow I’m starting the day with a workout at the apartment, then am heading to work for the rest of the day. Right now, though, I’m just hoping my neighbors decide to turn down the music. I may technically be 20 years old, but I usually have the mindset of a 70 year old. In fact, the only stations I listen to on Pandora now are Pavarotti, Early Jazz, and Billie Holiday. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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