Running Forward

An Empty Fridge

on February 21, 2012

The fridge is pretty much empty except for a bit of broccoli, plain yogurt, almond milk, and pickles. Thank goodness I’m going to the store tomorrow. For dinner tonight I made cauliflower fried rice again using chopped onion, yellow squash, broccoli, chicken broth, and soy sauce. Of course, it included the cauliflower too. Next time I try this recipe I want to give it either a Mexican or Mediterranean twist. Experimenting with different flavors is one of my favorite cooking techniques.

I’m happy to report that this week has been pretty great so far. Small things can make the day so much better. On top of everything, I can’t wait for my dad to come visit me on Saturday! My father has always been one of my greatest role models and never fails to amaze me with his kindness and sense of humor. We plan on taking a tour of a local brewery and meeting my best friend and her dad for dinner at a pub. The man loves beer, so I think he’ll enjoy these activities.  🙂    Until then, I’ll just keep rolling along.


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