Running Forward

Mini Vacation

on February 26, 2012

Whenever my parents come to Athens for a visit, it makes the day feel like a mini vacation. Pi Phi had Daddy/Daughter weekend on Friday and Saturday, so my dad came up to spend the day with me. We actually ended up not going to any Pi Phi events, but we had a great time anyway. He arrived around lunchtime, so we promptly made our way to Big City Bread to grab a bite. I had only been here once before (with my mom late at night last year), so experiencing it on a Saturday afternoon was a new experience. We both quickly decided on the manhattan clam chowder once we realized it was the soup of the day. I grabbed a nice booth while he put in our orders and the soup was served soon after.

This soup was delicious! I loved the big chunks of veggies and clams because it made the meal much heartier. The focaccia served on the side was delicious too. We both polished off our bowls, then returned to my apartment to park the car. We walked around downtown and stopped by Yoforia so my dad could see the new location. We split a small cup of dark chocolate and strawberry yogurt. The sun felt so good that we decided to eat outside and walk around some more. Later on that day we stopped by the Pi Phi house, then made our way to the Terrapin Brewery for the tour and beer tasting. Here are some pics from the tour:

I would definitely recommend the tour because it was free and I learned a lot about the company. The actual tasting area is pretty cool too. Everything is inside of the warehouse and there is also an outdoor area that would be perfect for the summer. On our way out we ran into my roommates, who were celebrating a birthday. I felt bad that I couldn’t hang out with them, but my dad and I had to make our way to meet up with people for dinner at Trapeze.

We eventually found a parking spot downtown then met my best friend and her dad for dinner. I ordered the chopped salad while my dad got the reuben. Everyone enjoyed their meal and agreed that we would definitely visit again. Unfortunately, my dad had to head back soon after dinner, so my friends, Colleen and Chris came to hang out with me. We watched The Help (fantastic movie!). I had such a fantastic day and am thankful for having such a wonderful dad and great friends.



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