Running Forward

Beginning the Break

on March 10, 2012

Spring break finally graced us with its presence. I’m ready for a week of relaxation and productivity. Yes, it’s possible to do both at the same time. Anyway, I started the morning with a workout and a grocery run. First I went by Aldi and got a ton of stuff for only $18. They didn’t have a few of the items my dad wanted me to get, so I stopped by Kroger for 5 things and it cost me $19! I’m officially hooked on Aldi. The food is so much cheaper and the quality is still good. When I got home I made some cookies for my mom’s friend because she hooked us up with some tickets to see The Artist tonight at the Fox Theatre. I tried a new cinnamon swirl cookie recipe and they turned out pretty cute.

I drove to her house to drop off the cookies, then got ready to go downtown. The movie was fantastic once again! Seeing it in a packed theatre (especially a theatre with a history like the Fox’s) helps you get immersed into the film and causes you to notice so many new details.

As we walked into the theatre the sound of the organ filled the room. After the organist wrapped up his sing-alongs, a news reel and cartoon were shown. I especially enjoyed the Looney Tunes because it was a spoof of one of my favorite films, Casablanca. What a wonderful way to spend the beginning of my spring break. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some more adventures. I’m planning a nice run and then we’re going to Whole Foods to see “The Crack Heard Round the World“.


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