Running Forward

Weekend with Mom

on April 1, 2012

My sorority’s Mother/Daughter weekend was on Friday and Saturday, so mom came to visit! My weekend started with a sushi dinner at Utage with a friend- so delicious! From top to bottom; California Roll, Miami Vice Roll (smoked salmon, avocado), Rainbow Roll. We also ordered Miso soup and a Tiger Roll (tuna, eel).

My mom arrived dinner and we made our way to Hotel Indigo for a Pi Phi fashion show. There were 20 dresses to be modeled, and I volunteered on a whim! I ended up being the first one out, and was assigned to wear a hot pink romper! I never would have picked it for myself, but everyone said it was actually pretty cute. I felt like I was wearing pajamas, so I consider that a success. After the show, I took my mom to Sweet Peppers so she could grab a late dinner and I bought her some Yoforia. I wanted her to see the new store and to try the key lime pie flavor. She’s a key lime pie fanatic, so I knew she would enjoy it.

     On Saturday we started the morning by having breakfast at Mama’s Boy. We ordered the same dish (Veggie Scrambler), but I modified mine a bit. Here’s my mom’s plate:

     I ordered mine with egg whites and chose fruit and sliced tomatoes instead of the biscuit and cheese grits.

We both loved out meals and enjoyed the diner atmosphere while sitting outside on the patio. My dish kept me full for such a long time, which makes me think I should eat eggs more often. We then spent the morning walking downtown and browsing through the expensive boutiques. So many beautiful dresses! We finally made it to the Pi Phi lunch at 1 pm, which was too late. The food was pretty much gone and only a few other people were there. We grabbed what was left and ate on the newly decorated patio. Once finished, we chatted with the wonderful house mom and Mrs. Debra. They’re some of the sweetest women I’ve met, and I’m lucky to have them in life.

     The afternoon consisted of a trip to the botanical gardens.

I know this post is getting long, so I’ll hurry with the rest. We went straight to the UGA vs. Kentucky baseball game and met up with some friends from home. So great to see them!

Once the game ended we got dinner at The Grit. I ordered my new favorite, the split pea dal. This was my second time having it and I’ll definitely be consuming it again.

My mom ordered the chili cheese veggie dog, which was so good! She was shocked at how much the veggie dog tasted like a real hot dog. We decided to definitely cook these at home before I leave for NYC.

At 9:20 one of my best friends came over and we all finished the night with a movie. This morning I woke up early to meet a friend for a race and to say bye to mom. Luckily, I’ll be home next weekend for Easter (and my birthday!). The race was small, but it was great getting to run with a buddy. I spent the rest of the day at work and now I’m here. Let’s hope this week is just as wonderful as the weekend!


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