Running Forward

The Easter Lobster

on April 8, 2012

My family celebrated my birthday last night with a delicious lobster dinner. My dad and I made a trip to H Mart yesterday (somehow we got lost and discovered a different, nicer H Mart) to stock up on seafood for the feast. We bought 3 lobsters, crab legs, and a few other goodies. Later on, my mom took me on a little shopping spree to TJ Maxx where I ended up buying two dresses, white jeans, and a shirt. My parents are too nice to me. Here is my delicious lobster that I completely devoured:

Easter began bright and early with another 7 am run before breakfast. I quickly got ready for church and prepared for some family friends to come over tonight for dinner. I made a tomato salad with roasted red peppers and cucumbers and a potato salad (mayo free). We served it with melon, salmon, pork tenderloin, broccoli salad, and shrimp. My mom’s friend made the most delicious chocolate cake for dessert. By far the best I’ve ever tasted. I had a great weekend that flew by too fast. Time to get ready for the last three weeks of class.


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