Running Forward

A Plan

on April 20, 2012

So, I’m heading to NYC at the end of May to start my Food Network internship and I can not wait! However, the logistics of flying up with my family and getting good airfares and hotel rates is quite tricky. Well, I think we finally have a plan. My aunt is hosting a party at her New Jersey home on the Saturday before I begin work, so she invited us to stay with the family that weekend. However, she wouldn’t be able to pick us up from the airport due to major traffic happening that day. So, we’re flying into Philadelphia on a Thursday and spending the day there, then taking a train to Jersey. After spending the night with my cousins, we’re going to take another train into the city and move me into my dorm. Then my family will fly home without me the next day. Even though it will be a busy, crazy weekend, I know everything will turn out great. And I’m so incredibly thankful that my family will be able to visit me this year. Last summer in Chicago was a blast, but not being able to have them there was unfortunate. I just keep telling my dad, “No more seizures or brain tumors this summer, OK?”. Haha! I’m ready to conquer the last week of class and get my summer started. Oh, I also filled out my paperwork to return to my restaurant job for the three weeks between school and the internship. Yay for money!

Come back later to check out my dinner plans for tonight! I’m making lasagna and a healthy eggplant parmigiana. Celebrating my Italian heritage tonight!



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