Running Forward

Ravin’ !

on April 28, 2012

Last night my sorority held its annual end-of-the-year rave. So. Much. Fun. Our little group went to Clocked for dinner, where I ordered a small house salad and a Clock-cago dog (with a veggie dog instead of a normal dog).

I have a new favorite from Clocked. I took off the peppers because I’m not a fan of spicy food, but the onions, mustard, and green peppers were so delicious!

     We finally made our way to the main event and danced the night away.

Of course, I woke up at 7 am despite going to bed way past my bedtime. After a delicious blueberry-filled breakfast bowl I made my way outside for a 7 mile run. The humidity slowed me down, but I completed it in about an hour. I actually felt pretty good for not having run that far in quite a while. Look what greeted me as I arrived at my apartment complex:

Athens hosts Twilight, a huge bike race, every year and this is the big weekend. They call it Twilight because the professionals race at 8 pm, when the sun goes down. The racers are in incredible shape. I’m working tonight, but will get off during some of the races, so it’ll be fun to watch as I walk home. Have a fantastic Saturday! It’s time for me to find the motivation to pack up my stuff.


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