Running Forward


on May 1, 2012

I got fancy with my beverages today. I normally have an afternoon snack to keep me satisfied until dinner, but today I made a guilt-free frozen coffee drink instead. Inside our mini blender I added chopped ice, instant coffee, cinnamon, Truvia, cocoa powder, and water. I then blended until the mixture was nice and frothy. It had a light, fluffy texture and was the perfect accompaniment to reading the Hunger Games outside.

For dinner my dad requested chopped salad. I prepared everything early so that my mom and I could take the dog for a walk after she got home from work. Since I had some free time after the walk (and before my dad got home from work) I tried to put together a cocktail. We had a ginger and we had blueberries. I combined the two to make ginger blueberry mojitos. First I minced some ginger  into a saucepan with some water, Truvia, and brown sugar. I also ended up adding ginger slices as well. The mixture simmered until the sugar dissolved and it turned into a sort of syrup. Next, I added some thawed blueberries, chopped mint leaves, and lime slices into a pitcher. I used a wooden spoon to crush everything and mix the flavors together. Then I added sparkling water, blueberry vodka, citrus vodka, and the simple syrup (strained to remove the ginger pieces). I ended up adding some more Truvia at the last minute, and it tasted delicious! Such a light, summery cocktail to enjoy on a hot day.


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