Running Forward

I’m Here!

on May 29, 2012

Finally, I’m in NYC. We spent two days in Philly, then a day in New Jersey before moving me into my dorm. So much happened, so I’ll post things one city at a time I guess. Here are some pics from Philly:

We tried to get a table at Amada (owned by Iron Chef Jose Garces) on our last night in the city (also my dad’s birthday), but they were completely booked. Luckily, we had a drink at a bar down the street and began chatting with the restaurant owner. After he found out that I’ll be with Food Network, he made a few phone calls and got us a spot at Amada. Let me tell you, it was delicious! My family loves tapas-style dinners, so this was perfect. My photography is not up to speed, but here are most of the dishes we ordered:

Chorizo Pamplona

A waiter brought this to us as a gift: We think it was some sort of salmon dip


Gambas con Garbanzos- flatbread with shrimp, chorizo, garbanzo bean puree

Albondigas- lamb meatballs

Tortilla Espanola

Queso de Cabra- Goat cheese baked with tomato sauce and almonds

This was one of my favorite restaurant meals. Sharing everything with the whole table makes it a fun experience and all the ingredients tasted fresh. I’ll post some pics from New Jersey and New York later. Can’t believe my first day at Food Network is tomorrow!


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