Running Forward


on May 31, 2012

Want to hear something ironic? It’s a bit of a story, but here I go. I had to go to the main Scripps office in midtown today for orientation, but I arrived super early. What do you do in midtown when you have an hour to kill? Go to the Today Show! Guess who was there?! Bobby Flay and Giada! I couldn’t help but laugh to myself that my first celebrity chef sighting occurred at the Today Show and not the Food Network. I did spot someone at the office today, but I’m keeping it a secret. It wouldn’t be fun if I gave away everything.

Anyway, I’m officially a Food Network intern! By that I mean my first day of work was yesterday. Everyone is so incredibly nice and I even met one of my marketing idols today. They kept me pretty busy, which I love. And I get to run errands all over the office which is nice. Except I kinda got stuck in an elevator today, but I don’t worry, I eventually made my way out.

After work I met two friends in Chinatown for dinner. I’m really getting the hang of this whole subway thing. So convenient and efficient. Atlanta, you need to catch up. Here’s a picture of the Pi Phis before Paige joined us.

For dinner I ordered Mushroom and Vegetable Soup with Rice noodles. So comforting and delicious, especially since my dad got me hooked on mushrooms.

Now I’m just chilling and playing with some S.W.A.G. that I got today. I can’t believe I get to see my cousins again on Saturday! Three cheers for New York!


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