Running Forward

Things I’ve Noticed

on June 7, 2012

I’ve only been in New York for two weeks, but I’ve noticed some things:


  • Your legs always feel tired.
  • You can pretty much get away with anything in public. Trader Joe’s run at 6 am in my pajamas? No problem!
  • People are very friendly as long as you’re nice to them. The Golden Rule still applies even after elementary school graduation.
  • Fruit stands are the best places to buy produce because everything tastes good and is cheaper than in any grocery store.
  • The weather is so much cooler up here. The heat that hit two weeks ago was a fluke. I’m stocking up on jackets and sweatpants this weekend.
  • All the true New Yorkers I’ve talked to say that they could never leave. Despite the dreary days of winter and the insane amount of people existing in such a small space at once, they all claim they would never dream of moving away.

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