Running Forward

Week #3

on June 12, 2012

It’s hard to believe it’s already my third week here. My coworkers have taught me so much, and kept me very busy (which is awesome!). I finally got some pics of my office space. Here’s the outside of Chelsea Market.

The next picture is what the inside of the building looks like right as you walk in. It was extra dark since I get there before everything really opens, but it’s such a unique building. It was a Nabisco factory back in the day, and the first Oreo cookie was created here. Quite the history!

Once I hop onto the elevator and pass the lobby, I pass through the main part of the Food Network office. So swanky, yet cozy!

After work today I met up with my T. Howard mentor for the first time. She lives nearby, so we met at a tapas restaurant called Nai. I’m so lucky to have a mentor close to my age because it felt like hanging out with a friend. She’s going to teach me all about the neighborhood, so hopefully I’ll get to hang out with her again soon. We split three tapas for dinner. I must say, excuse the horrible photo quality since I used my iPhone for the shots. The food really was delicious.

First up: Patatas Bravas- spicy potatoes gently coated in our spicy house tomato sauce

Second: Gambas- shrimp with shiitake mushrooms and roasted red pepper

Third: Pork Tenderloin cooked with orange and prune ( I forgot to take the picture before we ate some of it, oops)

Here’s a quick peek of the restaurant, such an intimate, cozy place. It was raining pretty hard all afternoon, so it was nice to relax inside this space for a couple of hours.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my view from last night. The Empire State Building is playing hide and go seek with the clouds tonight.


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