Running Forward

WTC Memorial

on June 14, 2012

This week turned out pretty busy, and today was no exception. My roommate and I got tickets for the World Trade Center Memorial for 7 pm tonight. We get off at similar times, so meeting afterwards was no problem. Sometime during the workday I got a text from my cousin, Chris, asking if I wanted to hang out tonight so I eagerly encouraged him to get a ticket as well. And I’m so glad he did! I’ve been coming down with a cold and was really feeling it after work today. The subway took me down to the financial district where I met up with everyone. It was a bit hectic because Obama was also visiting the memorial at the same time! So cool! Once we got into the main area we strolled around, took some pictures, and enjoyed learning about the area from my cousin. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. My family is the best. They’re the nicest, warmest people possible. I can’t wait to spend Saturday night and most of Sunday with them! Unfortunately, my head and throat demanded that I head home right after and take some medicine while munching on dinner with my PJs. Anyway, here are some photos to recap the evening:


2 responses to “WTC Memorial

  1. Glad to have the latest view of WTC area…thx

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