Running Forward

Ceviche and Long Runs

on June 23, 2012

After work yesterday I met up with my cousin, Chris, for dinner in the East Village. We originally planned on trying Upstate Beer & Oyster Bar, but it was way too crowded. Instead, we walked a block over to a cute Peruvian restaurant, Mancora, with open floor-to ceilings windows like in a Parisian cafe.

The menu looked great and we were ready for some food. I ordered the Ceviche de Papaya, which completely exceeded my expectations. Best ceviche of my life! The fish was marinated in a lime/papaya juice mixture and was mixed with chunks of papaya. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the presentation was beautiful. The actual ceviche rested on steamed (but not mushy) sweet potato, yukon gold potato, and a slice of giant corn on the cob. Seriously, I don’t know where the heck they got this corn. It must be a Peruvian variety? On the side were some crunchy corn nuts that provided a good contrast to the soft fish and papaya. The entire dish was garnished with a plantain chip. And it only cost $13! That’s a great price for NYC.

Chris ordered Bistek a lo Pobre. Grilled steak with chimichurri sauce served with french fries, maduros, fried eggs, rice and canario beans. Huge portion!

Right as we sat down, it began to completely pour outside. Luckily, we were safe.

After I woke up this morning and ate breakfast, I made my way to Central Park for a long run. Originally, I planned on doing 6 miles, but the goal quickly changed to 7 because of how beautiful it was and how good I felt. However, I got a bit lost, so I ended with a total of 8 miles under my belt. Even better! And with all the walking I do in the city, my total is already growing. So, for lunch I treated myself to a delicious frozen yogurt at 16 Handles in the East Village. The graham cracker flavor is out of this world!

On my way back to my place I picked up a sandwich from Bruno’s to take to Bryant park tonight. I’m going to Tropfest with a friend, so we’ll be there most of the evening. Luckily, I have a nice little dinner packed and ready to go. Gotta run to catch the subway!

Oh, and happy pride weekend!


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