Running Forward

What a Tuesday

on June 26, 2012

Work has been nonstop this week because our first big event of the summer is this Saturday. It’s crunch time and one of our key planners is out of town this week, which means the rest of us are trying to play “catch up” and “get ahead” at the same time. I stayed at the office until almost 7 today. Luckily, my roommate and I planned to get dinner out, so that made the evening more relaxing. I took her to the Peruvian restaurant that I dined at last Friday. Once again, delicious! I ordered a different kind of ceviche than last time, the Ceviche Marinera Nortena. The dish consisted of fresh fish, shrimp, scallops marinated in lime/tomato sauce with cilantro, rocoto and red onion. I wasn’t so sure about the tomato at first, but it turned out to be delicious. There was also avocado involved. I’m would post a picture of the dish, but the photo does it no justice. However, I’ll post what Ashley ordered. She got the Aji de Gallina, shredded chicken with Peruvian yellow creamy sauce served with rice.

We both loved our choices, and agreed to make roommate dinners a more regular habit. I got so lucky to have such a wonderful roommate this summer!

     Work was crazy busy and fun today because I helped out with two book events and am working on our big summer event. The first event is on Saturday, which means it’s crunch time. I took a little break during lunch to sneak up to the kitchens and grab some food. Luckily, I snagged some of the famous kale salad that everyone in the office has been talking about lately. I also grabbed a mini cupcake that was incredible! The picture looks big, but the container was tiny, just enough for a perfect taste.

 I can’t even express how much I love this company. The people are so nice and helpful in every department, the environment is laid back yet focused. It’s a wonderful place to be spending my summer. Unfortunately, tomorrow is the halfway point of my internship but I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me. This experience has been so different from what I imagined, yet it exceeds my expectations almost everyday. Being in such an environment teaches me way more than my professors could ever convey inside a classroom. So, here’s to the second half of my summer- may it continue to amaze me!


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