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Two Celebs, One Day

on July 7, 2012

I started the morning with a 3 miler along the East River, then immediately set out for the Green Market. As I was browsing and enjoying the numerous samples I spotted a TV crew. Michael Symon was filming for Symon’s Suppers!

I got to see him while in the studio and he also attended our event last weekend, but I still hadn’t actually met him yet. So, I waited until they finished filming and introduced myself. Such a nice guy! I soon headed back home with my veggies and took my sweet time to get showered and dressed. I love treating myself to frozen yogurt every now and then, so I got a cup for lunch. They didn’t have the graham cracker flavor, though. Bummer, but still tasty.

Then I went on a mission to shop. I took the subway to H&M, but had no luck. I started to head downtown to visit a friend, but he got called into work so I hopped off the subway to switch directions. To my surprise, there was a street fair right at the subway stop, so I browsed through and ended up with two cool bracelets and a scarf. I also stopped by Forever21, but had no luck there either.

I wasn’t quite ready to call it a day, so I decided to drop by Eataly for a bit. The food there looks incredible. The atmosphere is a bit odd to me since the tables are out in the open where it’s almost always crowded, but I would still eat there. I took my time walking back home and discovered that Julia Stiles is my next door neighbor. I don’t get crazy around celebrities, but I definitely had to do a second take to make sure it was her. We definitely made eye contact, lol.

Tomorrow I’m heading to the beach with my cousins for a picnic! Can’t wait!


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  2. Jani Laskowitz says:

    i really like julia stiles specially when she has those long flowing blonde hair. ^

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