Running Forward

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on July 21, 2012

Another week flew by in a New York minute. Things have been slowing down at the office, so I had time to explore and visit the kitchens quite a bit. Also, food was EVERYWHERE- in the kitchens, in the break rooms, leftover from meetings. Thank goodness I’ve been running almost everyday.

Last night I was able to leave work a bit early to meet up with some family friends from home at Haru for a pre-show dinner. I ordered the lemongrass soup and shared some sushi, which was delicious. I can’t believe it was my first time having sushi all summer. Then we walked over to see “The Best Man“, which was absolutely fantastic. I got so sucked into the story by the end of the last act that I wanted it to keep going. It was about two candidates running for their party’s presidential nomination during the 1960s. The cast was freaking amazing- James Earl Jones, Sybill Shepherd, Angela Lansbury, John Stamos, Kristin Davis, and more. I even got to meet them after the show when they exited the theatre.






I met up with the family again this morning for a run in Central Park. Matt and I ran 6 miles together, then I did a solo mile to bring my total to 7. I swear, a long run has turned into one of my favorite things. It’s so refreshing, just like pressing a reset button. I then did some farmers market shopping and showered off, and am about to head out to meet back up with them to do some shopping. Dinner tonight with one of my favorite teachers from high school!


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