Running Forward

Pure Crazy

on July 26, 2012

That’s the only way to describe the day. Forgive me for this post because it was really and truly my only bad day this summer. With that said, please allow me to rant a bit. It all started off this morning when my dad and brother were supposed to catch the 8:45 am flight to NYC. Well, Air Tran cancelled it despite the fact that the weather was fine, the prior flight took off, and the later flight took off. What the heck, Air Tran?! They didn’t even compensate for parking, the lost hotel room (it was too late to cancel it), and the 6 hours my dad and brother spent at the airport. Never flying with them again!

I also woke up with a sore throat and ear ache, so it just wasn’t my day. Such a funk. There were some high points, though. I saw Neil Patrick Harris in the office today and walked through the Law & Order set while they were filming on my way home from work. As an attempt to cheer myself up I finally gave into my cravings and bought myself a Mr. Softee. While in Rome….. And it was delicious btw.

Now, let’s backtrack to yesterday- a wonderful day! The department was supposed to all go to Morimoto for lunch, but people got caught in meetings, so it was just four of us which ended up really fun. My coworkers are fantastic people who I will miss like crazy. Back to the restaurant- the inside was very modern and chic, and the food was spectacular. We started off with two appetizers, the crispy rock shrimp tempura and the tuna pizza.

As you probably know I normally don’t eat fried foods, but I had to try these. The shrimp closest to the foreground was covered in a wasabi sauce, but I can’t remember what the red sauce is. Anyway, the batter was light and airy, not heavy like typical fried shrimp. Very good.

The tuna pizza was freaking awesome. The fish was so incredibly fresh, you could tell just by looking at the bright red color. The fresh tomatoes were refreshing while the salty olives added a nice bite. By far my favorite of the appetizers. Next up: my sushi!

I ordered a California roll, yellowtail roll, and salmon sashimi. The california roll was so different from the typical version because they used fresh crab meat instead of imitation crab. The flavor was out-of-this-world. The yellowtail roll was simply yellowtail and scallions. Lastly, the salmon was so incredibly fresh that it practically melted in my mouth. So tender and satisfying. What a perfect lunch.

I’ll leave you with a shot of the Law & Order set- literally half a block away from my place.


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