Running Forward

Not Again



All I have to say is thank goodness there was a super nice police man not too far behind me. He stayed with me the whole time, gave me advice, and kept me sane. Hopefully, my car will be healthy again.

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Zucchini Linguine

Happy Sunday! This weekend was full of wonderful friends and crazy car troubles. I ran 7 miles with Lesley first thing Saturday morning, ran errands with Jean, had adventures around town with Shannon, and finally got to catch up with Ryan. Last night I simply put together a hummus plate for dinner, but felt like getting more creative today. I keep seeing recipes for zucchini noodles, so I finally gave it a go. I started by making the sauce first. I thinly sliced half an onion and let it cook low and slow. Once translucent, I added a can of diced tomatoes, spices, balsamic vinegar, and spicy mustard! New addition, but tasted great! The sauce simmered while I packed my lunch for the next day and cleaned up around the apartment. Finally, I used a peeler to make ribbons from the zucchini. However, I did make a few matchstick pieces which you can see in the picture. The ribbons were better though. When it came time to sit down and eat, I simply mixed the zucchini in with the sauce and allowed it to soften for a bit over the stove. I added a bit of protein at the end by crumbling up some tofu to act as “cheese”. I’ve been in such a tofu mood lately. Here’s the finished product! I will without a doubt make this dish again.


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Planning an Escape

Be forewarned: I need to vent a bit. The stuff that I’m about to write about is trivial and doesn’t really matter- I know that. I mean, my dad had brain surgery last year- I have my priorities in order. However, it’s like getting a bunch of paper cuts. You won’t die, but they quite annoying. So, here it goes:

Ever since I returned to Georgia, random things keeps happening. I got stitches for the first time, my dad’s car got rear-ended after helping me move into my apartment, my brother fractured his finger, my car killed itself, and I got more bug bites in the past 3 weeks than I did in my entire childhood. I think the state is telling me to leave. Don’t worry, Georgia, I’ll leave soon. But, please, I’ll be nice to you if you can be nice to me. We can make this work.


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I finally took a pic of my dinner. I started by creating a stir fry with tofu, yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant, and carrots. First I sauteed the tofu on medium heat until it got nice and crispy on the outside. Meanwhile, I steamed the carrots in a separate pot in order to speed up the cooking process. After the tofu was finished, I took it out of the pan and added the remaining vegetables along with my favorite seasonings. As soon as they were cooked I added everything together with a few squirts of soy sauce on high heat. Gosh, I love tofu.

On the side I simply sliced some tomatoes from home and sprinkled them with a salt mixture. Basic but good. There you have it!

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Back in the Game

The second week of school is upon us and I’m finally getting back into a good routine. I started making my lunches and breakfasts the night before so that I’m not rushed at 6:30 when I get up. I also added a bunch of new podcasts to my iPhone for my walk to class. Music is wonderful, but I’ve been in the mood for more talk-radio lately. In fact, one of the highlights of my day today was discovering the Splendid Table podcast! I love that show! People who are genuinely passionate about ingredients and cooking automatically move up to the top of my “favorite people” list.

Also, two of my neighbors came over last night to hang out. I LOVE having cool neighbors that I can be friends with. And I also have some fun things planned for the rest of this week. Overall, things are going pretty well. Athens is no New York, but having my friends close makes up for it. I’ll leave you with a lovely little picture of a painting I made this weekend. It’s not hard to guess which state that is. Have a great one!


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Weekend Highlights

I had a much-needed relaxing weekend at home. Here are some highlights.

  • Made a pan of chicken enchiladas for my brother and his friends. They were quite tasty!

  • I bought 3 lobsters for my parents and I to eat for dinner. So tasty.
  • I went for a super fast run on Saturday morning.
  • Brought my mom along for an afternoon full of errands (including getting my stitches taken out!). I think I drove her to insanity.

  • Dad went fishing with a friend, so my mom and I had a girl’s night that included dinner at Roux on Canton Street. I ordered the Garden Delight Burger- delicious! Then we found a random Netflix movie to watch, The Trip. Absolutely hilarious! We literally laughed out loud countless times.

  • I went for a Sunday morning run followed by body pump with my mom. I’m going to be sooooo sore tomorrow.

I’ll leave you with my favorite clip from the movie. Watch it all the way through!

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Hummus to the Rescue

The first week of school is always crazy because of recruitment ending (which = lack of sleep), new schedules to memorize, and no free time. Therefore, I need quick lunches. So far my go-to has been steamed vegetables tossed with Trader Joe’s tomato basil hummus. I simply chop up carrots, broccoli, zucchini, and/or squash and let them steam or saute. Once they’re finished I simply add some generous spoonfuls of hummus, toss together, and throw in the fridge for the next day’s lunch. Yum!

On another note, I miss New York like crazy. Can we just rewind to the beginning of summer so that I could relive it again? That would be great.

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Bid Day

My sorority got some new angels yesterday! They’re wonderful!










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Too Early

The past few days have been crazy because of sorority recruitment. I was only there for 3 days, but it felt more like a week. I had to wake up at 4 am every morning to help make breakfast for 150 hungry sorority girls. And don’t let them fool you- they can eat! Thank goodness our house’s chef, houseboys, and the food committee were all super fun to hang out with. So, that’s been my life for the past couple of days. Here’s a product of our delirious behavior yesterday.

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The Attack

I’m being dramatic with the title, but the kitchen drawer really did attack me with a knife the other day. Let me rewind for a minute: my plan for this week changed quite a bit. Originally, I was going to drive back to school on Tuesday, but I ended up having to get some stitches in my finger on Monday, which meant I didn’t have time to pack anything. I’m posting a pic because it was my first time getting stitches, so I feel like it was a big moment. 😉


Also, I never wrote a new post like I promised. Here’s the peach meringue pie:

The family agreed that it was okay the first night, but awesome the next day. It’s definitely one of those dishes that needs some time to hang out in the fridge. I also used up  a ton of our garden tomatoes to make a homemade sauce for a vegetable lasagna-type dish. I completely forgot to take a picture, but it was tasty. I used the same method as my eggplant parmesan, but added in layers of zucchini and portobello mushrooms. Here are some shots I took right before slicing my finger:

  I finally packed up my life (again!) and made it to Athens today. My amazing dad made the trek with me and helped me get everything organized and put in place. I love the new apartment! So clean and organized- just my style! For lunch we stopped at the Grit where I ordered the vegetable gumbo and he got the tofu Rueben. The gumbo had just the right amount of spice and I especially loved the pieces of okra. My dad loved his sandwich too. I’m glad my parents are fairly adventurous when it comes to food. Now I’m all settled in, but my alarm is set for 4:30 am. Wish me luck!

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