Running Forward

Weekend Highlights

on August 19, 2012

I had a much-needed relaxing weekend at home. Here are some highlights.

  • Made a pan of chicken enchiladas for my brother and his friends. They were quite tasty!

  • I bought 3 lobsters for my parents and I to eat for dinner. So tasty.
  • I went for a super fast run on Saturday morning.
  • Brought my mom along for an afternoon full of errands (including getting my stitches taken out!). I think I drove her to insanity.

  • Dad went fishing with a friend, so my mom and I had a girl’s night that included dinner at Roux on Canton Street. I ordered the Garden Delight Burger- delicious! Then we found a random Netflix movie to watch, The Trip. Absolutely hilarious! We literally laughed out loud countless times.

  • I went for a Sunday morning run followed by body pump with my mom. I’m going to be sooooo sore tomorrow.

I’ll leave you with my favorite clip from the movie. Watch it all the way through!


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