Running Forward

Planning an Escape

on August 24, 2012

Be forewarned: I need to vent a bit. The stuff that I’m about to write about is trivial and doesn’t really matter- I know that. I mean, my dad had brain surgery last year- I have my priorities in order. However, it’s like getting a bunch of paper cuts. You won’t die, but they quite annoying. So, here it goes:

Ever since I returned to Georgia, random things keeps happening. I got stitches for the first time, my dad’s car got rear-ended after helping me move into my apartment, my brother fractured his finger, my car killed itself, and I got more bug bites in the past 3 weeks than I did in my entire childhood. I think the state is telling me to leave. Don’t worry, Georgia, I’ll leave soon. But, please, I’ll be nice to you if you can be nice to me. We can make this work.



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