Running Forward

On The Hunt

on September 5, 2012

I’m on the hunt- the job hunt, that is. Send positive vibes my way because I want some interviews, and I want them soon! In the meantime, I’ll keep going to class, cooking, and filling my time with fun things. Labor Day weekend was pretty awesome because it started with my brother’s first football game of the season, which was followed by a mini vacation in Charleston. The game was one of the most exciting ones I’ve ever been to, and Milton beat Alpharetta! Obviously, my mom couldn’t contain her excitement for the beginning of football season.


My parents and I drove to Charleston the next day and spent our time there shopping, eating, and relaxing. Our first dinner was at Monza Pizza, where the pizza reminded me of New York. The crust was charred (sign of a good pizza), there wasn’t too much cheese, and the other toppings worked really well together. We ordered the Campari (fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, eggplant, roasted red pepper, olives, goat cheese, capers).

Sunday was filled with exploring and shopping. We scrambled for a lunch place and finally got a table at Amen Street. We all ordered seafood and shared bites around the table.

For dinner we ate at Pearlz for dinner where my dad and I started the party with some oyster shooters. Not bad, but not very good either.

We got back home on Sunday afternoon and I slaved away in the kitchen cooking dinner (and cleaning everything afterwards). But that’s okay because being in the kitchen is my favorite. My mom and dad grilled chicken while I made cornbread panzanella salad (I baked homemade cornbread for the croutons), my healthy potato salad, and homemade baked beans. It was delicious and got me ready for the short week ahead. I can’t believe tomorrow is already Thursday. I’m ready for another weekend!


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