Running Forward

Running, Shopping, Resting

on September 9, 2012

Another week came and went which meant it was time to enjoy the weekend again. I drove home after class on Friday and put together a picnic dinner for my family to take to my brother’s football game. I also had a great urge to make pumpkin bread, so I gave in. I’m so anxious for Fall to arrive. The game was pretty disappointing, but I got to chat with one of my oldest friends the whole time which was a lot of fun.

Saturday, my parents and I woke up early to run a 5k to benefit The Brain Tumor Foundation for Kids. It’s a great organization that funds research and also helps families when a child is diagnosed with a brain tumor. My half marathon training plan included an 8 mile run that morning, though, so I ran 2.5 miles just before the race and 2.5 miles just afterward. It felt great to be finished with 8 miles by the time we got back in the car for breakfast. I also got first place for my age group! My mom placed third in hers.


After getting some breakfast for my parents, my mom and I took a trip to TJ Maxx for some shopping. Then I spent the rest of theafternoon trying to keep my eyes open. It’s amazing how tired I get after a long run. We went out for sushi for dinner then watched UGA conquer Missouri. Great day!


2 responses to “Running, Shopping, Resting

  1. hemingwayrun says:

    Well done! You all look chuffed!

  2. Way to go and congrats on you and your mom’s race times! Happy Running!

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