Running Forward

Parents Weekend

on September 23, 2012

This weekend was extra special because my parents stayed with me for the weekend and even came to the football game! It was their second SEC game ever, which is a big deal in the south. They arrived late Friday night and immediately got ready for bed. Unfortunately, our neighbors decided to party literally all night. My dad and I even called the cops at 3 am. Pretty ridiculous. Anyway, we had a leisurely Saturday morning and I enjoyed making breakfast for everyone. We all ate some version of an egg dish. I had toast topped with egg whites and tomatoes, my mom had an egg and sausage sandwich, and my dad had a veggie scramble with toast. All delicious! My ultimate back-up plan for life is to run away and become a diner cook. I can make a mean breakfast.

Later we ran some errands around town, then parked the car at Milledge to walk to my friend’s tailgate. Of course, her family is ridiculously nice and we had a great time. So grateful to have met Leslie during my sophomore year!

Once 5 pm rolled around we walked back to my sorority house to enjoy the tailgate for parents weekend. Dinner was catered by Brett’s and was surprisingly delicious. The spread included grilled chicken, green beans, creamed corn, and cheddar biscuits. I loved the chicken and the green beans the most. Oh, and my brother came! He rode to Athens with some friends who were also going to the game, so I was super excited to see him! I can’t help but be super proud of him- he’s so freaking cool, I swear. He needs to teach me how to be so outgoing and friendly.


Finally we watched the game! The stadium was packed and the fans were pumped. UGA conquered Vanderbilt and everyone headed home happy. My parents helped me run some errands this morning, then took off for home. I loved having them visit for the weekend and still don’t know how I got so lucky. They’re wonderful! Now, I must bake pumpkin bread!


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