Running Forward

Ups and Downs

on October 10, 2012

Being in Athens is always full of ups and downs for me. Of course, having my friends so close is the highlight of living here, but the city itself has never felt like “home”. Don’t get me wrong, college has been an amazing experience and I can’t even fathom how different I am now than when I first moved into Russell Hall as a freshman. I joined an amazing sorority, took interesting classes, spent a Maymester in France, became a half marathoner, went on an alternative spring break trip, played violin in a UGA orchestra, and had two incredible summer internships. So much good stuff!

Thankfully, I have a good number of distractions to keep me from breaking down over the stress of finding my first “real-person” job. I’ve been applying and networking all throughout the semester, but the hiring process seems to move pretty slowly in my industry. A few weeks ago I really started freaking out- If I graduate without a job, without a boyfriend, and have to move back home, does that make me a failure? I tend to be introverted, so these negative thoughts built up inside of me until I finally cracked. Funny enough, the last straw came when I got pulled over for the first time ever. The tears came effortlessly and I think I might have scared the police officer a bit. Oops. At least he felt bad for me and let me go with just a warning. Since that week passed, I’ve been re-evaluating my expectations and giving myself some slack. I work hard at the activities I’m passionate about and I know that a job will come along soon enough. For now, I’m going to continue talking with prospective companies while still enjoying my last couple of months as a student. My perfectionist-tendencies brought me trouble in the past, so I’m not letting them get the best of me this time. At least I have a restaurant job waiting for me at home and my back-up plan of culinary school. Until then, I’ll be savoring my last moments in college.


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