Running Forward

Initiation and Dinner Club

on October 14, 2012



I packed a lot of action into the past two days. Friday night and Saturday morning were consumed with my sorority’s initiation festivities. Here are a few pics from the dinner on Friday:






I drove home after initiation Saturday morning and spent the afternoon running errands with my parents, running 7 miles, and cooking! My parents’ dinner club was that night, so my dad spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen too. They were in charge of bringing the appetizers, so my dad made three different little treats. Here’s a sample he made for me before they left:



First, he made the cheese crisp cups and the two fillings. One was filled with a marinated shrimp and mango mixture while the other was a venison meatball. Lastly, he made mini tacos with venison, roasted red peppers, and some other delicious ingredients. So good! The shrimp was my favorite, though.

I got to work making a big pot of vegetable soup. It was fun trying to use ingredients we had on hand. I’ll list the ingredients in the order that I added them. I always start by sauteeing the veggies, then adding the last components before simmering for a few minutes.


1 onion



frozen okra


chicken broth

diced tomatoes

1 small can hominy




Soup is probably my favorite food because you can use the same technique to make endless variations. This version was quite tasty.

I used the remainder of my evening to bake pumpkin bread and banana bread and watch Tangled. On Sunday I ran errands, watched football (Falcons and Giants won!!!!), and lounged around with the family before returning to school. Now I’m ready for the week and can’t wait for the half marathon next weekend!


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