Running Forward

The Power of Carbs

on October 21, 2012


Last night two of my friends (also running the half marathon) came over for a pre-race feast. Christian brought Korean yams to be roasted, Molly brought delicious banana bread, and I prepared roasted veggies, pumpkin bread, and a tomato/cucumber plate. Obviously, we were pumped to be carbing it up.

After dinner we chatted, laughed, and kind of watched the football game. We parted at around 10 pm in hopes of getting enough sleep for Sunday’s 13.1 miles.

At 5:45 am I rolled out of bed to the sound of my alarm. I promptly changed into my race day attire, brushed my teeth, and prepared a quick breakfast of toast topped with PB2 and banana slices. Some dry cereal and pumpkin bread chased it all down. Our group of 6 met up near the finish line and attempted to stay warm in the chilly autumn air.

Molly and I stayed together the whole time as the miles flew by. Literally, it felt like I ran for maybe 45 minutes, not two hours! On that note, we finished just under two hours! Not bad for only being able to run on weekends this semester. The course improved dramatically (less hills!), and we ran through Sanford Stadium at the very end!

I ran into other friends and even one of my favorite professors near all the food stations which was fun. Overall, it was a wonderful race.

I promptly showered and ate lunch before attending an alum./senior networking event at my sorority house. I ended up getting some good tips and enjoyed getting to sit for a while. It all ended with a big pot of vegetable soup and some good TV watching. What a fantastic weekend!


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