Running Forward

Fall Break Came and Went

on October 30, 2012

Fall break flew by this year! I drove home after class Wednesday to get home in time for a phone interview. Thankfully, my car, Alex, made it home with no incidences and I was calm and collected by the time I spoke with the company. It went really well, and I’ll be flying up to my favorite city next month! Woo!

While at home I did some baking (banana bread, pumpkin cream cheese coffee cake, brownies, etc.), worked on homework, had lunch with my mom at her office, watched lots of football, and got in some good workouts. Fun times all around!

On Thursday my mom and I did some suit shopping after body pump class, but had no luck. Does anyone know where I can get a really small suit? Nothing fits me. At least we had some success at Kroger. By the way, the candy corn M&Ms are freaking awesome!


On Friday I began the day with a nice run, then had lunch with my mom and her coworkers. They’re so funny, and have such great stories. AND…..I got to play with one of the babies! She works at the OB/GYN, so it’s normal to have babies coming and going with their moms. Afterwards, our new ovens were installed at home, I did homework, and got ready for my brother’s football game! ESPNU came to the game and broadcast it nationally, which was pretty cool. It’s too bad they didn’t win, but whatever.



I woke up early on Saturday to make it to spin class at the gym, then hung around the house and watch the UGA game. Go Dawgs! I went with my parents to a family friend’s birthday party Saturday where I ate lots of delicious food. 40th birthday parties can be quite fun, I must say.

Now I’m back at school and ready for Thanksgiving break. Let’s just forget this whole “going to class” thing and get on with the diploma. Have a great Halloween!



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