Running Forward

Moving Forward

on November 12, 2012

First, let me rant: the election is over! Stop posting rants all over social media, stop getting excited over states threatening to secede, and move on with your lives. Not everyone is happy with the outcome, but the polls are closed and all the votes were counted. So, if you’re threatening to move to another country, please, be my guest. Just stop being so negative.


Ok, time to move on! There probably won’t be any exciting recipes this week because I’m working everyday and am also trying to survive on a minimal amount of groceries this week. UGA gets the entire week off for Thanksgiving so I need my fridge to be empty before I drive home Friday. But, I CAN talk about the future, one of my favorite topics. I’ve had some phone interviews recently, which resulted in actual interviews when I visit the city in December. It’s exciting to imagine how my life will transform if I get offered a position. New York will be my home, my family will be closer to me, and I’ll get the chance to have a pretty solid career path. I’m not jumping ahead yet, though, because there are a lot of important events coming up in the next month. Thanksgiving is next week, which also means my 4th half marathon is quickly approaching. Luckily, I went on an easy 9 mile run over the weekend, so I feel confident about my ability to finish. Graduation is also coming up, which is crazy. For the first time in my life I won’t be a student. Going to school is all I’ve ever known, so I’m greeting the change with open arms.

That’s it for now, but expect some recipes next week when I get back to my kitchen at home!


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