Running Forward

Crazy Person

on January 3, 2013

Hi, my name is Kelsea and I am a crazy person. I graduated less than a month ago, but just can’t get myself to relax. Being a type A person is one thing, but I need to learn how to adjust my expectations. Originally, I hoped to graduate with a job in NYC waiting for me. In reality, the industry I want to break into is not conducive to this kind of planning. I’m realizing that finding a job is difficult and I need to savor my freedom while it’s here. I’ve still been working at AG making desserts, which is a lot of fun! And I’ve had a lot of time to cook. Although, I can’t seem to remember to photograph my creations.

Because of reasons mentioned above my new year’s resolution is “to live in the moment”. I’m bad at savoring the present, and tend to either dwell on the past or plan the future. From now on I’m making an effort to actually enjoy the moment at hand.

For now, though, allow me to talk about some of my kitchen creations. Last night I made a mixture of baby bella mushrooms, onions, diced tomatoes, and roasted red peppers as the primary dinner component. I sauteed everything with garlic, balsamic, and various herbs/spices. For another layer I whipped up some cheesy grits using blue cheese, asiago, feta, and goat cheese. I used to live on grits when I was younger, so they hold a special place in my heart (cheesy, I know! (pun intended  😉  )). Lastly, I laid everything on top of a bed of spinach- I freaking love this stuff. Why do I always forget how good it is? Anyway, that was my dinner and it was great. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!

Ice Skating


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