Running Forward

New City

on January 29, 2013

I got a job! My two week long trip turned into a permanent move when I received an offer from one of my favorite companies three days before I was supposed to fly up for interviews. The few days before my flight turned into a whirlwind of shopping and packing. By the way, I’m an expert packer at this point. One suitcase weighed 49 pounds and the other weighed 44- just under the limit.

The flight went smoothly and my cousins are keeping me busy so far. After bringing me home from the airport, Richie took me running at a nearby park. I wish I brought my camera because it was amazingly beautiful. There was a dusting of snow on the ground, and we ran the perimeter of a frozen lake. I never knew how beautiful an iced-over body of water could be. By the time my hands, feet, and face were numb we were back in the car heading for home where we hung out for a bit. After dinner we met up with my other cousin, Eddie, and his girlfriend for two hours of bowling. Apparently bowling is a hot sport up here- we waited 40 minutes for a lane. I absolutely loved getting to spend time with them even though my energy was waning and I felt a cold coming on. No time for getting sick!



On Sunday Richie and I met up with a group of his friends to go rock climbing. I was pretty intimidated at first, but really enjoyed it once I started. And, man, my arms got a workout! Once my fingers and forearms were thoroughly worn out we went to Park Place Diner for a late lunch.


It was already 3:30, so I totally devoured my roasted red pepper and shiitake mushroom omelet. Being surrounded by diners might be actually be one of my top 5 reasons for wanting to move up North.



Think my day is over? Not yet. Two more hours of bowling with the guys, which was a lot of fun again. I was way off my game and bowled like a wet noodle, but I enjoyed getting to know my cousins’ friends.




I thought I would be in bed as soon as I got home, but Linda and Eddie had arrived home from Vermont just as we walked in. I stayed up and talked with Linda until 1:30 am. 1:30 am! I didn’t know that was even possible for me. So, begins my adventure in New Jersey!


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