Running Forward

First Week of Work

on February 8, 2013

Today marks the end of my first week of work! I love my office, love my coworkers, and can’t wait to really get busy. You may be wondering why I’m posting about the end of the work week before 8 am on a Friday, but the big blizzard heading my way kept me home. My office is pretty far north, so transportation is an issue when there’s a chance of the roads and trains being affected. Honestly, I’m so excited to experience my first big winter storm! I’m sure the excitement over snowy weather will wear off soon enough, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it for now. I’m also pretty pumped to be going back to Vermont next weekend. There’s just so much to look forward to! 

   I’m loving life with my cousins, but need to find a place closer to work to cut down on my commute time. I literally had no free time this week and struggled to work out at all. Luckily, I ended up working out after work on Tuesday and Wednesday and will have time to do something every day this weekend. Let’s just say I don’t see any big races happening soon in my future. 

   To end the post I’ll include some pics from my trip to Vermont last weekend. It was beautiful and so relaxing! 



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