Running Forward

Finding Nemo

on February 10, 2013

If you’ve seen the news within the past couple days you know that Winter Storm Nemo made a visit to this area. Long Island got hit pretty bad, but my part of New Jersey got a piece of the action too. It all started on Thursday when my coworkers began freaking out at the end of the day because our office was supposed to be hit pretty hard. I even ended up staying home on Friday because the weather was already looking funky at 6 am when I woke up. My aunt and uncle were driving to Vermont on Friday morning, so they didn’t want to risk having me get stuck at work with no form of transportation to get home. Just after lunch time I heard from a coworker that everyone had been sent home and the office had been empty and slow all day. Definitely made me feel better about missing out.

So, I ended up running, then my cousin’s friends came over and taught me how to play Settlers of Catan. What a fun game! One of the guy’s family repeatedly called him telling him to come home because of the weather, so we took a break to go outside as soon as the game ended. Snow! The roads still didn’t look bad, but the snow was falling hard. Of course, I made them take some pics of me in my first snowstorm.


2.8.133 2.8.138

Once my initial excitement level descended we went back into the basement for a quick game of Mario Party. Remember that game from N64?! It used to be my favorite one to rent every time I went to Blockbuster. I dominated the game and took home first place. The boys left, so Eddie and I watched some TV. In the middle of a Jeopardy episode another one of his friends came and stayed with us the rest of the night. I love being with my cousins since they’re so social. It really helps me out since I don’t know many people in this part of Jersey. Most of my friends live in the city, so hopefully I’ll find a place closer to them soon. For now, I’m a Jersey girl!

Now, back to the snow: I woke up early on Saturday and ran to the window. To my delight, I was rewarded with one of the thickest blankets of snow I’ve ever seen! It looked as if everything outside was covered in a fluffy layer of marshmallow cream. When the wind blew the snow around it gave the illusion of glitter swirling through the air. Beautiful!


Nemo2 Nemo3 Nemo5


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