Running Forward

Little Things

on February 28, 2013

This week has been crazy- my family received some not-so-happy news, so it was quite stressful to say the least. I’ll report more on that later, though. For now I want to post about some of the small things I’m loving about my new life. 

The train

Yes, my two hour commute is a pain in the butt but I’m really beginning to love my daily train rides. Every morning I leave the quiet house near 6:45 and am almost always greeted by the neighborhood herd of deer. I arrive at the train station just as the sun is rising and join my fellow commuters for a peaceful ride through New Jersey. We pass beautiful rivers, lakes, and fields before we reach the industrial town of Newark. The train ride home is not nearly as peaceful, but it’s quite amusing. Last week an Asian man sitting near me did a full blown yoga/meditation session complete with having to unbutton his pants in order to sit cross-legged. Another time I sat right across from a huge teenage boy snoring like nobody’s business while everyone stared on trying to hold back their bursts of laughter. I’m at the point now where I can actually help newcomers at the station and feel comfortable train hopping from other destinations. 



Getting up early every morning is taking its toll. It takes all of my power and strength to keep my eyes open throughout the first few hours of my workday. Thank goodness for coffee and tea. 



Yes, I’m the wide-eyed Southerner that oohs and ahs every time I see a snowflake while the locals around me simply moan. I can’t help it- the snow is freaking beautiful! The landscape looks like it’s been covered in thick marshmallow cream after a good snow storm. Getting to experience Winter Storm Nemo was quite fun for someone like me!


Puffy Coats

All throughout my childhood my parents begged me to buy a puffy coat. I abhorred them and made fun of their unflattering effects whenever I saw an unfortunate person wearing one. When I moved here I discovered that everyone owned a puffy coat, and they wore them! So, of course I gave in and now I’m in love. It’s warm, it has lots of fun pockets, the collar is silky and soft, and it’s black- the official color of New York. 


That’s all for now. I’m ready for the weekend! 


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