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Easter Recipes

Easter weekend is upon us and I’m spending it with my cousins. Tomorrow we have a big family dinner, so I’ll definitely be in the kitchen preparing something to bring. Here are a few recipes I’m considering. They all look delicious!

Lemon Brownies

Bloody Mary Salad

Blossom Cookies

5 Layer Greek Dip

Goat Cheese, Tomato, Spinach Quiche

Enjoy these wonderful recipes and have a great Easter! I know I will with this beautiful weather.

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The Past Week

Turns out there were plenty of surprises this week. Some good, some bad. But, I’m just sharing the good things tonight! Here’s a quick recap:

Monday: Relaxed after work

Tuesday: I went into the city first thing for a meeting with another company. I love the coworker that I was with, so it was a really neat experience. We even had a car waiting for us afterward to return us to our normal office. 

    After work I took a shuttle straight into the city to meet up with some great aunts and cousins to see my beautiful ballerina cousin in a performance. It was my first time seeing her dance, and she was absolutely amazing! Her career will be exciting to follow! After the show we went out to grab some food, so I didn’t get to bed until 12:20 am! Needless to say, I took the late shuttle on Wednesday morning. 


Wednesday: Like I said, I took the late shuttle and it was great to get an extra 30 minutes of sleep. Even though all 3 of my bosses were out of the office I managed to stay busy throughout the day. At around 3:30 pm my friend Dani got offered tickets to the first preview of Orphans because one of her bosses couldn’t go. She invited me! So, we took the shuttle into the city after work and grabbed a delicious dinner at Green Symphony. I got some items off of the hot bar and ordered a small butternut squash soup to go with it. This place was pretty cool- a hole in the wall where everything is organic, vegetarian, vegan, etc. I’ll have to remember it for sure. 

     The play started at 8 pm and we were excited to see what it would be like. Of course, I was beyond excited to see Alec Baldwin up close. I’ve always been a big fan of his. Turns out the play was amazing! There were incredibly funny scenes where the actors almost broke out of character and there were extremely intense segments too. The acting was some of the best I’ve ever seen. The man who played Phillip was absolutely mind-blowing. Go see it fast since it’s only a limited run! 



Fun fact: It was in the same theatre where I saw The Best Man last summer!

Thursday: I finally had a free day after work, so I packed for the weekend (I’m staying with my cousins) and cooked up the rest of my perishables. Now I’m catching up on my shows from the past week. Here’s to a good weekend!

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Boxing and Dancing the Day Away

I just had the best Saturday in Hoboken. It started wit a 9:30 am kickboxing class at a nearby studio because I received a coupon for a free trial week. I’m trying to mix up my routine and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try something new. Turns out the class was great! I got am amazing workout, the music pumped me up, and the instructor was tough, but also pretty funny! He would be in the middle of yelling orders, then suddenly shout, “We are in Hoboken!!!”. At the end of the hour-long class, everyone began stretching and he played Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” song. I love the pride that the locals have for this area. I mean, NYC really is the best city in the world.

CKO Boxing

After class I made my way to Washington Street to stop by the bank and hit up the grocery store, Shoprite. It’s by far the best place to grocery shop in Hoboken because it’s big, beautiful, and cheap. I got all my groceries for under twenty dollars and they should last me for most of the week.

Later in the afternoon my cousins, Chris and Richie, came into town to crash at my place for the night. Our friend, Tom, is celebrating his birthday so it worked out perfectly that they could use my place. After unloading the car (they brought a futon for my room!) we made our way to Grimaldi’s to try the pizza. Holy cow- I have a new favorite pizzeria! I ordered a delicious salad to start, then we all split a large pizza with mushrooms. The crust was charred, the cheese was fresh (there are so many places in Hoboken that make fresh mozzarella and ricotta), and the sauce was perfect. I ate two slices, which is a lot for me.



We then stopped by the apartment to pick up a few things and met everyone at Tom’s place. We stayed there for a few hours chatting and meeting new people. It’s amazing how many people I’ve met so far. I know it takes time to branch out in a new city, but I think I’m doing a pretty well. At around 11:30 we made our way to a nearby bar called Willie McBride to see the band, The Amish Outlaws. They were awesome! We danced like crazy people all night- until 1:30 am! I was exhausted, so we left a little earlier than everyone else, but it was a fantastic time! Now it’s time for another kickboxing class this morning, then a trip to the city this afternoon. I love living here!



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T. Howard Awards Dinner

As some friends know, I’m part of T. Howard’s latest class. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a spot at the annual awards dinner when the invitation was sent out in January because I was working and didn’t have email access. By the time I RSVPed all the slots had filled up. So, I was pretty jealous at work on Wednesday because many of my coworkers planned on attending. The dinner is free for the most recent class, but alums have to pay for a seat and my budget isn’t quite big enough for the cost yet. NBC is a big supporter of T. Howard and reserved two tables for several VPs. At about 3:30 pm some of the attendees were forced to change plans b/c of last-minute schedule changes. Luckily I got the chance to take one of the seats! Pretty much everyone had cars reserved to take them to the venue right after work, so I was quickly invited to partake. I felt like such a VIP! 

     The dinner took place at Cipriani, an absolutely beautiful venue right on Wall Street. The night began with some mingling and a silent auction. Some of the items up for grabs were incredible! Superbowl tickets, a private dinner party in the Food Network kitchens, and seats next to Heidi Klum at the Project Runway season finale were among some of the offerings. The rest of the evening included some awards, dinner, and more mingling. I had a wonderful time and felt so thankful to have had the opportunity to attend such an amazing event. 


I even got to meet Tatyana Ali! 

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St. Patty’s Weekend

I’m late, but I’m finally posting! My weekend turned out to be pretty fun despite the freezing weather and my tired self. On Friday I pretty much fell asleep at 10 pm right after talking to my best friend. She needs to move here with me! 

On Saturday I started bright and early with a chilly run along the river. I had plans to meet up with friends at 10:30 am, so I wanted to make sure I would be ready in time. I quickly ate breakfast, showered, and made a trip to the bank before meeting up with them. We were headed to a St. Patty’s Day party in Murray Hill, so we took the Path then grabbed a cab once we got to Manhattan. It was pouring snow btw! On freaking St. Patrick’s weekend, this weather is crazy! I still like the snow, though. Anyway, the party was a lot of fun since I got to meet some really nice people. Since people started scattering in the afternoon with other plans I decided to run some errands and head on home. I went through the market (in pouring snow) and made a stop at Trader Joe’s for some cereal, hummus, and other goodies. I relaxed at home, then went back to the guys’ apartment later that night thinking we would go out. Turns out everyone was tired from the day’s festivities, so I ended up chilling there and eventually making my way back to my place. 


On Sunday I once again started out with a run, but I’m pretty sure I did something bad to my knee. Intense popping is not a good thing to feel when you’re in the middle of a good run. I had to limp/walk/hop home, but I’m hoping it will be better by next week. After breakfast I went on a major cleaning spree and completed some errands. I found my new favorite Hoboken grocery store- Shoprite! It’s so new, beautiful, and cheap (something that’s very rare near the city)! Overall, fun times! 

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A Long Week

Well, I survived my second week in Hoboken! The roommates finally arrived back in town last Saturday night, so it’s been much more lively around here. We went out for coffee together on Sunday and had a mini Juno movie night.

But, let me rewind a bit. My family received some not-so-happy news a couple of weeks ago that I didn’t quite know how to share. My dad’s latest MRI showed that the little bit of tumor cells left from his craniotomy had some growth. He quickly made plans to fly up to Duke to see his doctors and come up with a plan of action. They decided the best course would be a second craniotomy followed by a round of mild chemo to zap anything that might be left. So, the surgery was planned for March 14th.

Now, let’s jump back to the beginning of this week. But, now you can know that I was on edge and unable to sleep the whole time. I still stayed pretty active though. On Monday after work one of the roommates’ friends came over to watch the Bachelor finale. I had never seen the show before, but it was fun catching up.

Tuesday was my one free night, so I prepped lunches and relaxed a bit.

On Wednesday Hoboken held an Irish Festival at Sinatra Park, so my coworkers that live here all made plans to meet up. As soon as I got off the shuttle I grabbed some food at a nearby salad bar and met up with a friend at the cutest little coffee shop. After I ate my food I had a delicious cup of decaf chocolate almond coffee. We went to the park to check out the festival and met up with a bunch of my coworkers. I’m telling you, I love these people more and more everyday! The shuttle ride is actually one of the things I look forward to now since I’m getting to know some fun people. It’s impossible to show in a picture, but the view from Sinatra Park is freaking incredible! And the Irish music being played in the background by local bands only improved the surroundings.


Thursday: I was pretty much a nervous wreck all day because of my dad’s surgery. Originally, he was supposed to be in the OR by 11 am, but they kept pushing it back since the hospital was so busy that day. The poor man texted me a picture of himself in the hospital gown with his hair net. They finally wheeled him back around 2 pm and got to work. Everything went smoothly and he woke up a few hours later. Not being able to see him right now is killing me, but I know he’s just resting up anyways. I’m just thankful the surgery is over and he’s so alert.

The roomies + Kelli, and I made plans to meet at Teak after work for sushi. Unfortunately, they made us wait for over an hour at the bar so we finally left and got a table at Precious. Ryan made a pitstop for a bottle of wine and some beers since it’s BYOB, then we all ordered some delicious Asian food. They have a section of the menu that contains lighter dishes that are steamed instead of stir-fried, so I ordered a tofu & veggie dish with the sauce on the side. Freaking delicious! Definitely going there again. We all had a great time and I already can’t wait to hang out with them again.


Friday: Long day at work, but at least I got in a good workout. In fact, Thursday was the only day I didn’t go to the gym. I’ve been pretty good with my fitness throughout all my crazy life changes this year. I was supposed to meet up with friends, but I was practically passing out on my bed at 8:30 pm while talking to my mom. (Dad’s doing great by the way). So, now I’m meeting up with them tomorrow morning to go to Manhattan instead. I finally got to catch up with my best friend over the phone though! I miss her and keep hoping she’ll decide to move up north with me. Maybe some day I’ll convince her. I’m sure I’ll have some more adventures to post about tomorrow!

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My First Saturday

The first week in my new apartment has come to a close and I finally got to spend a good amount of time in NYC. I woke up bright and early at 6:20 am and was out the door for a run by 6:45. I ran to the river, then stayed along the path until I completed three miles. Here are some shots I couldn’t resist taking:




Hoboken 2

I returned home and made myself the tastiest egg white omelet with onion and spinach. On the side I sauteed some apple slices with cinnamon.


After relaxing for a bit I showered and stopped by the bank before hopping on the Path train for the city. Once on the train it took about 8 minutes to get into Manhattan. It was so fast! I immediately walked to Union Square for the farmers market. The winter produce is nothing like summer produce, so I only bought a few things- apples, pears, and a parsnip. All for maybe 3 bucks.






I got hungry for lunch and ventured into the East Village. By chance I happened to settle on Veselka and got a seat at the counter right away. This was finally my chance to try their borscht, so I ordered the vegetarian version. It was delicious!



I stayed in the city until 3 pm just wandering around and exploring. I visited some of my favorite spots from the summer. Recognize anything?





I returned to Hoboken near 3 pm and was struggling to stay awake. I wasn’t ready to go back to the apartment, though, so I got myself a coffee at Starbucks and read the AM New York papers I got from the city. I spent about an hour reading, sipping coffee, and doing the crossword puzzles. What a perfect way to spend my afternoon! Then out of the blue some guy starts tapping on the window in front of me and motioning for me to go to the next window. I was paranoid that some of his friends were going to steal my seat or my stuff, so I stayed put. But, some other guy sitting near the window told me there was a note on the glass. I grabbed my purse and slowly walked over to check it out. Here’s what I found:


I don’t know if he was serious or just doing something nice to make my day, but it sure made me happy! Guys never did things like this for me at UGA. How cool!

Now it’s 8:30 pm and I’m still struggling to stay awake. Tomorrow I’ll probably stay in Hoboken for some exploring, grocery shopping, and cleaning.

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Cream Cheese Pound Cake

For a few weeks straight my aunt repeatedly told my cousins and I how much she wanted a cream cheese pound cake just like the one she used to get in Vermont, so I finally took on the task and got to baking. I found a Martha Stewart recipe that required ingredients we had on hand and it turned out delicious! Everyone enjoyed it, and I discovered that the following Monday was National Pound Cake Day. I guess it was meant to be. 

Cream Cheese Pound Cake

*makes one loaf

1.5 sticks of butter

4 oz. cream cheese

1.5 cups sugar

3 large eggs

1/2 tsp. vanilla

1.5 cups all purpose flour

1 tsp. salt

Nonstick cooking spray

Preheat the oven to 350. Beat the cream cheese and butter until smooth, then add the sugar and continue beating until light and fluffy. Add the eggs, one at a time, until well incorporated then add the vanilla. Lastly, add the flour and salt and stir until just combined. Pour into a well-sprayed loaf pan and bake for about 60 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean. It’s delicious alone, but play around with toppings. One of my favorite things to do with pound cake is grill a slice in the summer or quickly brown in a pan. Top with some strawberries and I’m good to go! 


In other news, I’m in Hoboken and am loving it! One of my cousins crashed at my place last night and we had a great time. First we met a friend of mine for a delicious sushi dinner at Illuzion. The fish was so fresh! Then we wandered around a bit on the way back to my apartment. Just before I was about to put on my PJs, some of his friends texted for us to come visit their place, so we headed back out into the snowy weather. On the way there I found this awesome rooster shelf:


I couldn’t resist! It’s incredible! His friends were great and the night was a success! 

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