Running Forward

A Long Week

on March 15, 2013

Well, I survived my second week in Hoboken! The roommates finally arrived back in town last Saturday night, so it’s been much more lively around here. We went out for coffee together on Sunday and had a mini Juno movie night.

But, let me rewind a bit. My family received some not-so-happy news a couple of weeks ago that I didn’t quite know how to share. My dad’s latest MRI showed that the little bit of tumor cells left from his craniotomy had some growth. He quickly made plans to fly up to Duke to see his doctors and come up with a plan of action. They decided the best course would be a second craniotomy followed by a round of mild chemo to zap anything that might be left. So, the surgery was planned for March 14th.

Now, let’s jump back to the beginning of this week. But, now you can know that I was on edge and unable to sleep the whole time. I still stayed pretty active though. On Monday after work one of the roommates’ friends came over to watch the Bachelor finale. I had never seen the show before, but it was fun catching up.

Tuesday was my one free night, so I prepped lunches and relaxed a bit.

On Wednesday Hoboken held an Irish Festival at Sinatra Park, so my coworkers that live here all made plans to meet up. As soon as I got off the shuttle I grabbed some food at a nearby salad bar and met up with a friend at the cutest little coffee shop. After I ate my food I had a delicious cup of decaf chocolate almond coffee. We went to the park to check out the festival and met up with a bunch of my coworkers. I’m telling you, I love these people more and more everyday! The shuttle ride is actually one of the things I look forward to now since I’m getting to know some fun people. It’s impossible to show in a picture, but the view from Sinatra Park is freaking incredible! And the Irish music being played in the background by local bands only improved the surroundings.


Thursday: I was pretty much a nervous wreck all day because of my dad’s surgery. Originally, he was supposed to be in the OR by 11 am, but they kept pushing it back since the hospital was so busy that day. The poor man texted me a picture of himself in the hospital gown with his hair net. They finally wheeled him back around 2 pm and got to work. Everything went smoothly and he woke up a few hours later. Not being able to see him right now is killing me, but I know he’s just resting up anyways. I’m just thankful the surgery is over and he’s so alert.

The roomies + Kelli, and I made plans to meet at Teak after work for sushi. Unfortunately, they made us wait for over an hour at the bar so we finally left and got a table at Precious. Ryan made a pitstop for a bottle of wine and some beers since it’s BYOB, then we all ordered some delicious Asian food. They have a section of the menu that contains lighter dishes that are steamed instead of stir-fried, so I ordered a tofu & veggie dish with the sauce on the side. Freaking delicious! Definitely going there again. We all had a great time and I already can’t wait to hang out with them again.


Friday: Long day at work, but at least I got in a good workout. In fact, Thursday was the only day I didn’t go to the gym. I’ve been pretty good with my fitness throughout all my crazy life changes this year. I was supposed to meet up with friends, but I was practically passing out on my bed at 8:30 pm while talking to my mom. (Dad’s doing great by the way). So, now I’m meeting up with them tomorrow morning to go to Manhattan instead. I finally got to catch up with my best friend over the phone though! I miss her and keep hoping she’ll decide to move up north with me. Maybe some day I’ll convince her. I’m sure I’ll have some more adventures to post about tomorrow!


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