Running Forward

Ups and Downs

on April 19, 2013

The only way to truly describe this past week is “off”. Monday brought the horrific Boston Marathon bombing, which really hit me hard for a few different reasons. As a runner that often participates in races, it freaks me out and really saddens me that someone wanted to turn such a joyous, exciting event into a complete tragedy. What sickos. The bombing also meant more to me since I now live in such a big city that’s felt the effects of terrorism before. In fact, I almost cancelled my plans in the city Monday night, but thankfully stuck with my original plan. I met a friend for dinner at Diablo Royale. The restaurant was super cute and the food was pretty tasty too (a bit pricey though, even for the city). I ordered the Ensalada Grande with shrimp, but the highlight of the meal was simply being able to make more friends in my new city.


On Tuesday I was a bit on edge because my Dad had an appointment with his doctors to finalize his treatment plan. His recovery from the craniotomy went extremely well this time, but the tumor is more aggressive than before which means treatment is the best option.

Wednesday was just….Wednesday. I worked a bit later than normal, so I missed my first softball practice but luckily the weather was beautiful.

On Thursday I was supposed to play in my first CNBC softball game, but the weather was cold, rainy, and gloomy so I skipped out and snuggled in bed instead.

Finally we get to Friday. I didn’t sleep very well the night before, so I had a major case of the blues all morning. Luckily my day turned around by the time I left the office. Oh, and working in one of the largest news studios during a national breaking news event has to be one of the most exhilarating things ever. Everyone was glued to the TVs all day (my network’s stations, of course) and the news room was a prime example of organized chaos. Freaking cool.

Also, my boss and I discussed our need to catch up soon so she planned a super fun event. Boss A, Boss B, and myself are going to take a zumba class after work at Boss A’s studio, then we’re going to have a fun dinner in Hoboken! When the work day ended I rode my shuttle to Hoboken and grabbed a snack at Love and Yogurt before my kickboxing class. It was my first time at this studio and I loved it! It was even more intense than the last place I tried- they gave me legit boxing gloves and a uniform complete with a karate-like belt. I hope I can lift my arms tomorrow for the morning class.

Fun plans are in the works for this weekend, so let’s hope I remember to take some pics.


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