Running Forward

Catch Up

on May 4, 2013

Seems I’ve been busier this week than I originally anticipated, so here’s a quick recap of all the fun that’s happened lately: 


After work I took the train back to my cousins’ house to spend the weekend with them. We were all pretty tired, so we spent the night watching a movie and falling asleep on the couch. 


We celebrated my little cousin’s communion. Rich and I skipped out on the church part and went for a great 7 mile run instead. We met up with the family at a local restaurant, Shore Cafe, for the celebration lunch.


It was great getting to hang out with my family, as always, but I was pretty tired from the run. So, when we returned back to the house in the late afternoon I took a nice siesta while watching TV, then got ready for the guys to take me out to Red Bank. We went to Downtown, which would have been great since the band had an awesome setlist, but the volume was crazy loud! My ears have never hurt so much and the ringing was ridiculous. I enjoyed the songs as much as I could though. 



I started the day with a 3 mile run, then ran errands with my aunt. Afterwards, I made lunch and caught the train back to Hoboken. Constantly moving my stuff around makes me feel like such a nomad. I can’t wait until the day I finally buy a place to live so I know I’ll be there for an extended stay. 


Originally I planned to go to kickboxing after work, but instead went to a work party at 30 Rock. One of the most favored VPs recently made the decision to move to Philly, so we gave her a great send-off by enjoying drinks and hor’doeuvres in the swanky venue. Back in Hoboken I grabbed dinner at Precious with one of my coworkers. The food was delicious of course! And check out the view!



Our department received some good news, so we all went out for drinks at a local spot after work. Then a big fire got in the way of my ride home, but at least I didn’t have any other plans. Oh- I also went on a run outside with a coworker instead of just going to the gym. The recent weather makes me so happy. 


Free night to catch up with stuff. 


CNBC softball game! We dominated and run-ruled the other team! And the convertible ride to and from wasn’t bad either. 






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