Running Forward

Revlon Race for the Cure

on May 8, 2013

Last Saturday I woke up bright and early to join NBC’s Team Impact in the Revlon Run/Walk for the Cure in Times Square. We all met up at NBC’s Times Square office and then made our way to the starting area. It was pretty chilly outside, so we huddled together for some pictures then anxiously waited for the race to start. Since I was running, not walking, I made my way to the front of the crowd and watched as Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde did the countdown on the stage in front of me. How could anyone not love Emma Stone? As soon as they reached “zero” giant cannons filled the sky with confetti and we were off. Due to the lack of bathrooms near the start and my love for Starbucks coffee I pretty much sprinted the first mile to Central Park to keep my bladder from exploding. As soon as I saw a bathroom at the park entrance I ran straight for it, probably looking like Forrest Gump. Luckily, I enjoyed the remaining two miles through Central Park much more than the first mile. The weather was perfect and running for such a great cause brought on a major runner’s high. Volunteers greeted me at the finish line with a cute medal and lots of fun goodies. Can’t wait for my next race in the city! 



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