Running Forward

In the City

on May 17, 2013

Looks like this past week slipped away from me, so here’s a quick recap:


After my morning kickboxing class I met up with a friend to explore Chinatown for cool ingredients. I walked away with a bunch of produce and none of the frogs in the picture. I can’t believe they sold frogs in a supermarket like this. Crazy!



Errands! And I spent a few hours in the kitchen making my healthy eggplant parmesan, banana bread, and prepping more for the week. 



Kickboxing after work. 



I stopped by an event one of my roommates helped organize to benefit Hoboken’s homeless population. I got to Hoboken really early from work, so I was there on the earlier side before many people were really there. But the venue, Trinity, was really nice and the weather was perfect. 



Went running after a crazy day at work. I love Hoboken! I also discovered that my basil seeds finally sprouted!



I went to 30 Rock for a big meeting and stayed in the city afterwards to meet up with my cousins and some friends. We claimed a table at Broome Street Bar and parked there for the night. Here’s the group and my delicious Mediterranean salad:




That’s my week! And I have some fun plans for the weekend too! 


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